Nielsen Products


Classic cap dimensions in classic anodized finishes, this family brings together the mouldings you’ll use every day. See all>


The full assortment of all profiles that feature the softened metallic luster of our cross-hatched embossing. See all>


Consisting of the narrowest Nielsen surface faces, with intriguing dimensional depth, this family offer the ultimate in minimalism. See all>


All our half-round poster frames together at last! This family offers all options for all your retro simplicity designs. See all>

Mini Caps

Linear simplicity, traditional anodized finishes and a diminutive outline define the mouldings in this go-to collection. See all>


All our opaque black and crisp white painted mouldings available in one family, easy to find when you need the purest black and white frames. See all>


Mouldings designed for specific applications – floats, dimensional framing, shadowboxing – making it simple to find the exact profile you need. See all>


The original flat top aluminum frame, in 3 depths, making your classic minimalist designs easy to specify. See all>


When you want the aesthetic of wood with the minimalism and strength of aluminum, look no further than this family. See all>


Our unique vivid paint finishes, at your fingertips when your design calls for bold and joyful color. See all>