The Nielsen Bainbridge Group

The Nielsen Bainbridge Group is one of the fastest growing companies in framing and framing products today, with operations throughout the United States and Asia. Our products reach all corners of the framing market—from specialized custom framers to consumer retail. The combined experience of our global leadership team brings customers an unprecedented level of service, quality, efficiency and value.

Our Brands: Framing Solutions for Your Life

Bringing custom framers the highest quality aluminum frames in the world.


High-quality matboards, foamboards, and illustration boards.


Unique mouldings crafted by leading artisans from all over the world.

Nurre Caxton

As the parent company of the industry’s most widely-recognized brands, the Nielsen Bainbridge Group leads the way in product diversity, innovation, and design. Through our consumer retail and private label programs, our products capture your important moments and add to the beauty of your home.