The Nielsen Bainbridge Group was formed in 2011. Under the ownership of the Kohlberg & Company private equity firm, the Nielsen Bainbridge Group is now the largest framing company in the world. The group leverages the vast combined resources and expertise of its individual brands to bring customers the most innovative and diverse product offerings available today.

The group derived its name from the Nielsen Bainbridge company, Kohlberg’s first framing industry acquisition and one of the most prestigious names in custom framing and archival products. Soon, Pinnacle Frames & Accents was acquired, bringing its deep understanding of the retail market and a wealth of experience in global manufacturing and international sourcing. Finally, Burnes of Boston was added to the group’s growing brand roster, bringing its portfolio of prestigious and historic framing brands, intellectual properties and patents.

With its business hub in Austin, TX, the Nielsen Bainbridge Group now employs over 800 in the U.S. and maintains operations throughout the world, with a global sourcing team in Hong Kong, four U.S. manufacturing facilities and affiliates throughout Europe.

The group continues to expand, exploring new partnerships and opportunities to keep pace with changing consumer trends. Even as the company grows, however, it remains deeply committed to providing industry-leading quality, value and customer service.

Nielsen Bainbridge

Nearly a century before merging with the Nielsen company, Bainbridge began as a paper board company in 1887 at a time when new photos needed decorative borders.

Burnes of Boston

In 1912 Charles D. Burnes began producing hand-carved wooden picture frames in a small workshop behind his home in Boston.

Pinnacle Frames & Accents

Rachel Magee’s frame-making hobby gave rise to a one-room family business, which would eventually go on to become a global industry leader.